Fall League is Here! First 30 to Enroll Get a Discount!

All day I dream about Ping Pong

 ABC…1-2-3 Levels of Fall League Beginning!

Like kids headed back to school, we’re getting giddy about fall league! The seven week league begins Wednesday, September 11th, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

This season, there will be three levels of league to accommodate every skill level—new kids don’t get left out at Pure Pong! Contingent on your experience and rating, it is your choice to play in whichever grade of league you feel most comfortable participating in. If you do not have a rating, fear not! You can be rated the night of league, before play begins. It’s quick and painless.

League Grades (levels):

  • Freshman
  • Junior
  • Senior

Supply List:  You will need the following items to prepare for league

  • Nonmembers $35—Be one of the first 30 players to enroll, pay only $35. Rates go up to $40 there-after.
  • Pure Pong members $30—Members part of the first 30 players to enroll will pay only $30. Rates will increase to $35 there-after.
  • League Fees include quality paddle, balls, and all necessary equipment
  • Be prepared to have a good time, and a drink! Pink Rose will be at Pure Pong with a bar, ready to quench your thirst before, after, or during a rousing game! Nonalcoholic beverages will be available as well!

Email purepong@wcep.com to enroll! Please include in the email, your name, phone number, and the level of league you would like to play in. Hurry to be part of the first 30 to enroll!