Free Coaching from Jeff Mason for Students Starting Oct. 4th!

To get students involved with this relatively new Olympic sport, Pure Pong is offering free coaching  for any student age 6 to 17 years old, interested in giving Table Tennis a shot!  The coaching will be held most Fridays at Pure Pong , see the calendar for precise dates, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Students are welcome to attend up to four sessions! All necessary top of the line equipment will be provided. Coach Jeff, a school teacher with over 40 years of coaching experience ranging from beginners to Olympic competitors, will help students learn the fundamentals and beyond in an optimal environment for Table Tennis, at the largest club in the nation! Bring the whole family to get in on the action before or after the coaching for a fun, inexpensive Friday night!

Why Table Tennis is Great for Students: While Table Tennis is a great sport for anyone at any age, the cognitive and physical benefits may be especially rewarding for students. Table Tennis is known throughout the medical and science fields as the “number one brain sport”, and is known to have the capability of enhancing motor functions, strategy functions, and long-term memory functions unlike any other sport. Ping Pong also helps develop focus and concentration, which can be an extremely helpful tool that translates into other areas of life—particularly academics.

The physical benefits of Table Tennis are equally desirable, providing aerobic exercise for both upper and lower muscle groups, while remaining low impact on joints with an immensely low potential for injury. Perhaps the greatest benefit however, is that Table Tennis is FUN! Many Ping Pong players make this game a life-long sport—one that they continue to enjoy well into their elder years, keeping their mind sharp and body mobile.

 Why Play and Learn at Pure Pong in the Pearl? Table Tennis is a highly respected and popular sport around much of the world. Despite this global popularity however, it has only been in very recent years that Table Tennis has begun to incrementally gain a following of serious players in the United States, thanks to clubs opening in urban areas that have positioned Ping Pong as having great potential to be a legitimate fun and competitive sport. This is an exciting time for Table Tennis in America, and Pure Pong is looking to get students involved here in Portland, as the sport evolves around the nation. Pure Pong is happy to have the optimal means to do so as well. As the largest Table Tennis club in the United States with experienced and qualified coaches, Pure Pong offers a Table Tennis experience and opportunity for improvement that is unmatched in the country. All Pure Pong coaches are certified, and all equipment is top of the line to collectively provide a great playing environment. The primary junior coach, Jeff Mason, has over 40 years of coaching experience, is a retired school teacher, and has earned various Table Tennis title accomplishments. Several of Jeff’s students have gone on to play competitively at the world class level—one as an Olympian! Jeff also ran the largest junior development program in the country for five years, and set a national record by developing several beginning players to master level in less than a year. Jeff is excited to have the opportunity to help students in Portland take advantage of this great sport, and with hard work and practice, compete at a national or world class level, or in the very least , learn an incredibly fun and physically beneficial skill. We would love to introduce Table Tennis to anyone who is willing and ready to learn a new and exciting sport that may open doors of opportunity and competitive experiences.

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