Join the Super-Spin Spring League!

Pure Pong is starting another table tennis league for novice through advanced levels (up to 1900 USATT rating).  Players will be placed on a table each league night that is appropriate to their level; generally, beginners play beginners, intermediates play intermediates, advanced play advanced. Each player plays three to five singles matches per night in a round robin format. If you are the Super-Spinner of the Table for the night (player with the best results), you advance up to the next table the following week. If you finish at the bottom of the table, you go down a table level the next week.  Players will play a lot of matches with many different players in this format. Wild Cards or Walk-ins, players not officially signed up in the league, may also play in the league on any given night. They will pay an additional fee that registered players don’t pay. These Wild Cards or walk-ins help give a great mix to the Super-Spin league format. This is an opportunity to play a lot of different players, many different styles, and a good range of ratings!

Who:  Open to all novice-intermediate level players (*under 1900 USATT level)

What:  The Super-Spin Spring League.  Each person will be given a table to play their three to five singles matches.  The person winning his/her round robin, on a given night, will advance to the next higher table the following week. The person with the weakest results in the round robin will go down one table the next week. Every match is best of 5 games.

When:  Every Tuesday night 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. starting April 29 and the following dates:

May 6, May 13, May 20, May 27, June 3.  Wild Cards or Walk-ins must arrive by 6:45 p.m. to be placed in the round robin that night. We will be accepting sign-ups starting April 22.

Where:  Pure Pong in the Pearl

Sign up at the desk, fill out the form below, or call 971-570-9625

League fee for 6 weeks for Pure Pong members: $40; League fee for non-members: $45
League fees are non-refundable and non-transferable to the next league. Wild Cards or Walk-in players competing in the league will be charged $10 per night.

Further information; details, rules, and procedures of the league will be discussed at the beginning of the first league night: Tuesday, April 29, OR, let us know what questions you have in the meantime. *Jeff Mason, U.S. National Table Tennis Coach will assess players’ level for eligibility and give an estimated provisional rating.