Meet a Coach: Tim Titrud


When did you start playing Ping Pong and/or Table Tennis?

I started playing ping pong with my family in our garage and basement, but I really started playing Table Tennis more when I was in college. At Clackamas Community College, there was a teacher that was on the US team back in the late 30s, early 40s, and she organized us. That was back in ’79, and then I went to Oregon State University and played there on the Oregon State team. Then, I went to Japan and lived there a couple years and played there.

What about the game resonated with you to stick with it?

It’s kind of an addicting sport that I enjoy. I did a lot of sports growing up, like wrestling, which I found too grueling, but I was relatively good at ping pong so I stuck with it.

What’s your favorite part about the game?

The nice part about the game is that it’s easy to play almost anywhere. A lot of sports, you can’t do that. You can also play at a relatively old age.

Do you have any special tricks, strategies, or moves?

Probably the one shot that gives players a hard time is a slow loop. It’s an older type of shot and people don’t really play that way anymore. Some of my serves give people problems, too.

What’s your biggest challenge playing Ping Pong?

If I play somebody that has a very fast loop, that probably is the type of player that gives me the most problems.

Have you inspired any friends or family to play Ping Pong, also?

Family, no. But I think a think a lot of players here, I didn’t know as friends before, have become friends. They just started playing and got addicted to the sport.

Next to Ping Pong, what’s your favorite free time activity?

Bicycling. I bicycle here from my home, which averages 10 to 15 miles.