Pure Pong in the Pearl FAQ

  • Is Pure Pong in the Pearl open to the public? Yes! We are open to the public, and offer many options from casual walk-in play, league play, memberships, exhibitions, tournaments or a seat as a spectator to watch an Olympian, state champion, your uncoordinated buddy, or your 4-year-old.
  • Who Plays at Pure Pong in the Pearl? Anyone and everyone! From professional “Table Tennis” players to casual “Ping Pong” players, we coexist in Ping Pong peace. During league and tournament play, you are assigned tables according to your skill level, so no one is put to shame or bored to tears. Don’t be intimidated– the average player is not professional.
  • Does Pure Pong in the Pearl have more than one club? Yes, Pure Pong has three different clubs in the same Pure Space building complex, which is at 1315 NW Overton.
    • 1) 1315 NW Overton — Main Floor (Pure Space)
      2) 1315 NW Overton Mezzanine (Pure Space)
      3) 1307 NW Overton (Flex Space)
  • What does it cost to play as a walk–in?

Play from open to close for just $10.00 per person!

$0.00 for non-players including friends, neighbors, children and all spectators.

  • What should I bring? Yourself and a hunger for victory. Pure Pong provides all the quality equipment necessary to get your pong on.
  • When can I play? We are open 6 days a week, see hours here.
  • How exactly, do you play? Table Tennis Rules for the Serious and Meticulous Player, Ping Pong Rules for the Fun Player
  • If I come alone, are there people to play with? Often times, there are others looking for partners as well. If not, there are Robo-Pongs to rent… not great conversation, but great for improving your game!
  • Where can I park? There are over 600 available metered parking spaces within a 3 block radius. There is also free on-street parking two blocks west of Pure Space, just under the I-405 Bridge.
    • This means, there is enough FREE parking for… 600 Smart Cars, 352 Toyota Prius’, and 310 Honda Odyssey Mini Vans. There’s room for you too!
  • Can I just play with friends while Tournament and League play is going on? Absolutely, yes! With 20 + tables, there is plenty of room during all open hours.



Current as of July 11, 2017

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