Fall League is Here! First 30 to Enroll Get a Discount!

All day I dream about Ping Pong

 ABC…1-2-3 Levels of Fall League Beginning!

Like kids headed back to school, we’re getting giddy about fall league! The seven week league begins Wednesday, September 11th, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

This season, there will be three levels of league to accommodate every skill level—new kids don’t get left out at Pure Pong! Contingent on your experience and rating, it is your choice to play in whichever grade of league you feel most comfortable participating in. If you do not have a rating, fear not! You can be rated the night of league, before play begins. It’s quick and painless.

League Grades (levels):

  • Freshman
  • Junior
  • Senior

Supply List:  You will need the following items to prepare for league

  • Nonmembers $35—Be one of the first 30 players to enroll, pay only $35. Rates go up to $40 there-after.
  • Pure Pong members $30—Members part of the first 30 players to enroll will pay only $30. Rates will increase to $35 there-after.
  • League Fees include quality paddle, balls, and all necessary equipment
  • Be prepared to have a good time, and a drink! Pink Rose will be at Pure Pong with a bar, ready to quench your thirst before, after, or during a rousing game! Nonalcoholic beverages will be available as well!

Email purepong@wcep.com to enroll! Please include in the email, your name, phone number, and the level of league you would like to play in. Hurry to be part of the first 30 to enroll!

Movies in the Park!

Pure Pong rolled a couple tables down the street last Saturday, to The Fields park on Overton, to be part of the weekly event, Movies in the Park! Each week, a film is played at a different City park. Pure Pong was invited as one of the vendors among the treats and music performances that take place before the movie begins! See the schedule to check out where the next flick will be playing in a park near you in Portland! It’s a great family activity or date night… almost as much fun as playing Table Tennis at Pure Pong…but not quite.

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Forget Lumosity.com, Crossword Puzzles, and Fish Oil Supplements. Play Ping Pong!

Ok, you may want to continue taking the Fish Oil, but according to Doctors, Professors, and other folks who know what they are talking about…

“In ping pong, we have enhanced motor functions, enhanced strategy functions and enhanced long-term memory functions…The game enhances brain function unlike any other sport.” – Professor of neuroscience and psychology, Dr. Wendy Suzuki

Ping Pong is… “The best brain sport. It improves hand-eye coordination. It’s aerobic, uses both upper and lower body and causes you to use many different areas of the brain to function.”- Dr. Daniel Amen, author of “Making a Good Brain Great: The Amen Clinic Program for Achieving and Sustaining Optimal Mental Performance”.

Dr. OZ claims that Ping Pong can help prevent Alzheimer’s, and improve brain function.

These are only a few examples of the wonderful cognitive benefits of Ping Pong! Did you know Table Tennis can also improve productivity in the work place? Check out these articles.

Wednesday Night Tune-Up TONIGHT!

jumper cablesFeeling a little rusty? How about a tune-up! Pure Pong can service you tonight! Brian Yoder will be hosting a practice session from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. Get tuned up for the under 1200 tournament this coming weekend at Tualatin Hills, or just get your fix in between leagues!

Brian will be there to help members with organized drills and practice tips. Non-members are more than welcome, and can join in for $5, plus open play rates.  If there’s enough interest, we may even have a round robin tournament just to rev up the competitive spirit! Hope to see you tomorrow, eager to jump-start your game!

Any questions? Shoot us an email, or give us a jingle!

What to do on a Friday Night in Portland…



Come in for Pure Pong’s Friday Night tournament! We are offering up some pleasing perks this week because…we can! What better way to kick off the weekend than with a Table Tennis tournament, a free drink, and the chance to win cash money and prizes? Simple, there is no better way to celebrate a Friday in Portland, so join us tomorrow 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. There will be two divisions of tournaments—one for competitive players, and one for those perhaps equally as competitive, though not as well practiced and just looking for a good time! Open play rates are also special tomorrow. Open play is only $5 for the entire night. Why? Why not!

Here’s the Skinny:

  • $10 entry fee for the tournament
  • You get a free drink on Pure Pong. It’s been a hard week, and you’ve earned it!
  • Two tournaments, for two different skill levels. Trust us, you will fit right in to one or the other.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will all receive prizes for both tournament groups.
  • Total of: $100 dollars in cash and $100 in gift certificates to be had to local eateries and drinkeries (it’s a new word, we’re seeing if it catches on)
  • Open play $5 to play all night

Christian Lillieroos Teaches ITTF Level One Course at Pure Pong!

This past week, Sean O’Neill, Tim Aikey, and 17 other local Table Tennis players and enthusiasts sharpened their pencils and packed their paddle bags to enroll in an ITTF Level One Training course sponsored by Pure Pong in the Pearl. Approached by course organizer, Tim Aikey, Oregon’s current Table Tennis State Champion, Pure Pong owner, Duane Smith, did not hesitate to seize the opportunity to help educate local players, to inspire a higher level of play in the area. Smith hopes a trend of higher-level play, and Ping Pong play in general, will take effect nationally in the coming years.

“In order to promote Table Tennis as a legitimate sport, and encourage new players to get involved on a competitive level, it requires a good number of solid coaches that are able to go out into a community, and pass on their knowledge and passion for the sport” said Smith of his motive to sponsor the coaching course—donating Pure Pong’s optimal venue space with 20 plus tables and 40 foot ceilings, as well as audio visual equipment to facilitate an enhanced learning experience. Pure Pong also sponsored four local players to attend the course, in order to become certified nation-wide and in Portland.

“I was excited to have the opportunity to further my comprehension of Table Tennis in all aspects, and to gain the credentials to become a coach” said Tom Roeser, one of the players sponsored by Pure Pong who has been playing competitively since 2008.

The three day, 30 hour course is designed to equip coaches with the skills and resources necessary to transform a five year old beginning player, to an 1800 level player in five years. The forum of the course utilized both theory and practical segments, to provide participants with all-inclusive skills to effectively convey instruction both physically, and verbally. Nineteen local participants signed up for the course, taught by prominent figure in the Table Tennis community—Christian Lillieroos.

Lillieroos has been active in Table Tennis internationally, primarily as a coach and administrative figure as the Development Director for USATT and chairman and Coaching Officer for the ITTF Paralympics in Africa, Taiwan, Malaysia, Mexico, and Bermuda. During his time working with the USATT, Lillieroos worked with Olympian and one of the highest ranked Table Tennis figures in America, Sean O’Neill. O’Neil is now a Portland resident, and hosts coaching lessons at Pure Pong. Having the opportunity to work with O’Neil again, as O’Neil enrolled in the course, provided additional incentive for Lillieroos to make the trip to the Pacific Northwest.

Lillieroos has taught over 40 courses, five of which, have been under the new generation of the ITTF course standards. Of the 40 some courses Lillieroos has taught, the course instructor says he has never taught a group like the participants enrolled in the Pure Pong sponsored course—describing the group as a “Rare group of talent”.

“The Pure Pong group had a very high philosophical and spiritual aura. Everyone taking the course changes the dynamic depending on who they are, and this group brought a high level of thinking—one I have never experienced before” said Lillieroos. Lillieros was not only impressed by the students, but by the Pure Pong venue as well.

“Pure Pong is like a dream come true” said Lillieroos, “The United States is like a fourth world country when it comes to Table Tennis. The barrier between Table Tennis and Ping Pong needs to be broken. It needs to be ‘ok’ to play Table Tennis. Pure Pong is helping raise the level from Ping Pong to Table Tennis through ventures like sponsoring this course. The success of Table Tennis lies in the promotion of Ping Pong” Lillieroos continued, which is also a belief held by Pure Pong.

Pure Pong and Lillieroos are currently seeking opportunities to collaborate again in the near future, with hopes of ultimately raising awareness and respect for the sport here in the United States.