Tournaments & League

Tuesday Night League

Depending on how many players we have on any given week, their will be anywhere from 3-6 different groups.  Group 1 will be comprised of players with the highest rating and group 6 will be comprised of players with the lowest rating.  Ratings are determined by a Pure Pong ITTF Certified Coach.  Players of all skill levels are encouraged to join as their is plenty of fun to go around.  Each group will then play a round robin style format with other members within their group.  After each match is played scores will be recorded.  The top two players of each group will get moved up one group the following week and the bottom two players will get bumped down one group the following week.

Thursday Night Group Coaching

Who: Players of any level are welcome

What: Whether you are looking to improve your forehand technique, learn new serves, or just have a lot of fun, group coaching is a great way to get some extra practice in during the week while improving your game.  Joey, a certified international table tennis coach will be running group coaching classes on all Thursdays every month except for blacked out days on the Pure Pong calendar.  The lesson plan will be tailored around each student and their specific needs.  All levels are encouraged to join!

When: Thursdays 6pm-7:30pm

Where: Purepong in the Pearl 1315 NW Overton (PURE SPACE)

Why: Whether you are looking to improve your technique, win the local office tournament, or simply have a good time, group coaching will help you achieve any and all ping pong related goals.

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